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Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Ee-Taow (Part 2) -- Bert Spann

Ee-Taow -- Bert Spann

Questions About Heaven (2) -- Bert Spann

Questions About Heaven (1) -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Top 10 Lessons Learned About Dark, Depressing Places -- Bert Spann

When God Seems to be Silent -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Chris Spurlock

Bert Spann

"Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" (Luke 10:27-37) -- Bert Spann

"Mental Hurdles that Cause Believers to Stumble" (Luke 10:27) -- Bert Spann

"With All Your Strength" (Acts 14:18-23) -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

"With All Your Heart...Joseph of Arimathea" (Mark 15:42) -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

"All In" -- Bert Spann & Mark Whitehead

Mikvah -- Part 2 -- Mark Whitehead

Mikvah -- Part 1 -- Bert Spann

Terms Used in the BIble to Describe Teaching & Learning -- Bert Spann

Unfinished Business: The Ascension is a Big Deal -- Bert Spann

Unfinished Business: Getting Peter and the Church Ready for the Holy Spirit (John 21:1-19) -- Bert Spann

Unfinished Businesss...Where's Jesus? Get your heart & mind in the Game (Mark 16:14) -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Soundrels in the Easter Story --Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Johan Gaus

I Desperately Need Spiritual Sensitivity in My Life -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Seeking the Lord in the Fire -- Bert Spann

Isaiah 53 -- Bert Spann

A Mile in His Shoes - Changing Your Perspective (Psalm 73) -- Bert Spann

A Starting Point for Our Church Family (Hebrews 11:6) -- Bert Spann

Giving the Lord My "I'd Never's" (Luke 9:23,24) -- Bert Spann

Don Pollock

Experiencing God: The 7 Realities at Christmas -- Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Bert Spann

Ronnie Brewer

Thanksgiving Through Giving -- Bert Spann

Be Thankful by Remembering & Seeking -- Bert Spann

Thanksgiving Through Singing -- Bert Spann

Thanksgiving & Missions - 1 Chronicles 16:8-36 -- Bert Spann

Scripture About Praying Concerning the Lost -- Bert Spann

With Jesus as My Savior -- Bert Spann

Praying Concerning the Lost --

Asking God to Address My Actions -- Bert Spann

Praying Concerning the Lost --

Praying that I would be a Man/Woman of Action -- Bert Spann

Praying Concerning the Lost --

Praying for our Attitude (cont.) -- Bert Spann

The Attitude of a Praying Believer -- Bert Spann

The Prayer of a Bond Servant -- Bert Spann

Prayers Concerning the Lost-Ways to Pray Evangelistically

Prayers Concerning Attitude -- Bert Spann

Praying Concerning the Lost-Ways to Pray Evangelisticallly

Prayers Concerning Words, Part 2 -- Bert Spann

Praying Concerning the Lost-Ways to Pray Evangelistically

Prayers Concerning Words -- Bert Spann

-- Bert Spann

Zambia Mission Team

Gospel Story on Dry Erase -- Bert Spann

Preparing Our Fields -- Mark 14:1-23          Mark Whitehead

What Jesus Spent Most of His Life Doing -- Luke 2:52

Assimilating Apologetics                                 Shane Siever

Mossy Oak Mess Up & Real Tree Religion -- Genesis 3:7-8

Why Would I Consider the Army Chaplaincy? -- Joshua 14:6-12

When Christians Are Caught in the Enemy's Trap -- Galatians 6:1-2

Dads Really Want This for Father's Day -- I Kings 2:1-9

When Death & Suffering is Destroying Your Homeland -- II Samuel 24

God's Egg Drop Project -- Colossians 4:2-4

The Reason Evangelism & Disciple Making is so Difficult -- John 8:44

Why Membership is Important -- The Results of Being with Jesus

Reasons Doctrine is Important at First Baptist Church

Why Membership Matters

Damon Regalio

The Resurrection A Come & Go Event                            Matt 28:6-19

Communion is a Time to Celebrate                         Jeremiah 31:31-34

Why Did John Write His Gospels?                           John 20:30,31

Introducing the Mysterious Member of the Trinity               John 14:16-20

When Jesus Said He is the Light of the World.... John 8:12-20

Peeking into Jesus' Prayer Journal            Luke 22:31-32, 40, 42, 46

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Investing In A Good Crop                     Luke 6:44-45

Since You're Not Jesus....Responsibilities of a Forerunner      Luke 1:16-17

Bro. Bert: Importance of Spiritual Disciplines    Mark 9:29

Bro. Bert: The Extent God Will Go to Test Your Heart  Mark 6

Bro. Bert: Parable to Teach the Great Commission  Matt: 28:18-20

Mythbusters: Debunking Myths About Matthew 18:15-22

Bro. Bert: A Job Description of a Harvester   Matt. 9:35-38

Bro. Bert: A Peek Into the Enemy's Playbook  Mt. 4:1-11

Bro Jacob: What does it Mean to be a New Christian  II Cor. 15:12-21

Bro. Bert: Christmas from Heaven's Point of View  Luke 2:14

Bro. Bert: Investigating Christmas   Luke 1

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Bro. Bert: 7 Things to Look in for a Text  Mt. 1:18-25

Bro. Bert: Paul's Summary of the Book of Galatians Gal 6:11-19

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The Reason Christ Set Us Free   Gal. 6:1-10

That Which Should Come Out of a Believer's Life  Gal. 5:22-26

Turning on the Lights to Reveal Man's Flesh  Gal. 5:19-21

God's Design for Overcoming the Flesh  Gal 5:16.18

The Responsibility of Freedom in Christ   Gal. 5:13-15

Questions to Ask When It Comes to the Law or the Cross Gal. 5:7-12

Statement of Fact: That Everything Jesus Said & Did Was Truth   Gal. 5:6

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Bro. Bert: The Coalition Joining Mighty Men & Women of Excellence

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Bro. Bert: When A Loved One Is Falling From the Truth  Gal. 4:12-20

Bro. Bert: Justification by Faith Gal. 4:8

Bro. Bert: Instructions Before God Does Big Things Deut 13:4

10 Observed Lessons from the Mission Field

Bro. Tommy: Parables of the Talents

Bro Bert: God's Great Plan for You Gal 4:1-7

How and To Whom Salvation Comes


Family Crests


Trading Our Heavy Load for an Easy Yoke


Deacon Ordination


Mindsets and Mottos of the Military's Finest:

A Model for Christian Living


Reasons We Don't Have to Keep the Mossaic Law Today


Graduate Recognition


Creating a Generation of Godly Women


Important Truths about Justification


Missions Sunday


The Big Deal about Righteousness


Bro. Don Pollock


Test Case for Salvation Buffoonery


My Declaration on Resurrection Sunday

Big Questions that must be Answered Before You Die

Confessions of a Serial Sinner

The Cross' Message and the Cross' Messengers

Where is Strength Found in the Church?

Why are there so many details in Paul's story?

Part 2

Why are there so many details in Paul's story?

Part 1

Defending Our Ministry

Defending the Ministry God Has Given You

Steve's Testimony

Things that Irk a Follower of Christ

The Greatest Story Told

What is New in the New Man?

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